This holiday season has been crazy busy since convention season ended. The bulk of my time has been spent doing remarques in our children’s book Mr. Trunk Builds A Wall, and finishing commissions still on my list (my goal is to have my list clear by January 5th in case you are one waiting on a piece.) Remarques have become something I really enjoy. It provides a stream of conscience 15-20 minute sketch of something personal and individual, and makes a book more important to the receiver. My partner in crime on the book, Heather Bay, has been including really smart quotes and personal messages when she signs the books, and my sketches often accompany her words. below are a few select favorites from the 240 or so I’ve done over the last 3 months.

You can pick up a remarqued copy of the book via my store link above using the drop down.

animal_ 111.jpg
animal_ 90.jpg
animal_ 103.jpg